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Our goal is to provide friendly and responsive support. If you have any questions, please write it down or you can e-mail us and customer service representative will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours. We may already have what you’re looking for, right here on our site, so we suggest you start by checking the wizard below or visiting our How To and FAQ pages.


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Data packages :

  • Never expires.

  • No bandwidth speed limitation.

  • Both PPTP and L2TP protocols are supported on all servers.

  • Recommended for 3G mobile users / or users with limited internet traffic.

Monthly packages :

  • No data triffic limitation.

  • No bandwidth limitation.

  • Both PPTP and L2TP protocols are supported on all servers.

  • Recommended for Wi-Fi/DSL/Landline internet users / or users with unlimited internet traffic.

You can find a more detailed comparison of our packages here .


We currently accept payments via Google Checkout and Paypal. However, You can easily use your Credit Card and buy through Paypal. Just choose Paypal as your payment method and then select "Buy as a Guest". Now you can simply continue the process using your credit card.

Or launch vpnintouch app on your device and purchase your desired package via In-App-Payments.

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Need more information about the puchase process? Check out our FAQ or ask our customer support team.

You know? First I should try to convince you not to do that! But… okay… simply visit our Refund Policy section. There you will find simple rules about making a refund request.

Paid for a package but you can’t find it anywhere? I’m terribly, really, awfully sorry for this. The digital receipt of your order might somehow lose its way to our system. Please be informed that after a successful purchase from any Store such as iTunes or Google Play, you will receive an email from that Store with a receipt code. So please check your email and then forward the Receipt EMAIL to our support team .They will make sure that your account credit be corrected immediately.

Um… can I have your account information for a moment, please?

Your account’s vitals are normal! I didn’t find any error logs on it. So, let’s have a deeper look:

  1. At the same time just one user is able to connect to an account. You can use on multiple devices but not simultaneously.
  2. Maybe I can make your experience a bit less painful! Based on your device type, please download one of the following pre-configured files and use them to connect to VPN.
    iDevice Auto-Config file
    Windows Phonebook file
  3. If you configured L2TP protocol on your device manually, check the secret (pre-shared) key. Mistyping will lead to failure in connecting to servers. The secret or pre-shared key is vpnintouch.
  4. Try to connect to a different server. See the list of available servers from here.
  5. I can also invite you to a more adventurous method! Manually configure VPN connection on your device with the help of our HowTo page.

Or maybe you’re tired of all these non-sense solutions… or me?
Alright, let’s ask our support team to get it done :)

Oops! Your current VPN in Touch plan has been expired. You can try one of the following ways to continue using our service:

  1. Go to VIT Panel and Login to your account. You can easily purchase via your credit card through the panel.
  2. Launch VPN in Touch app on your device, head to Purchase section and buy your desired package.

For more information about the price of our packages, please check out our Packages' List

You have misstyped username or password.

Your speed is highly related to your current location and the server you’re connected to. So choose the one which is the nearest to your location.

Also I definitely recommend you to visit the Speed up tricks FAQ page. You may find useful information to tweak your VIT experience.

Contact our support team if whatever happened and you weren’t satisfied with it.

There are always times when you can't find a subject for your problem and, I know, you already checked the FAQ and HOW TO. So, it is time to fill out the form below, or manually send an email to VPN in Touch will be in touch… instantly!


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