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VPN In Touch Affiliate Program

Want to become part of the VPN in Touch inner circle and make money while you're at it? Join our affiliate program and earn money by sending customers to our site. It's simple to do and it's free!

PackageNew commisionRenew commision
1 Month 100% 40%
3 Months 50% 40%
1 Year 50% 40%
3 Years 50% 40%

Why to choose VPN in Touch affiliate program?

Reliable Service

Introducing the new generation of powerful servers, along with maximum level of security throughout the entire system, VPN in Touch offers you a delighted experience.

Great Customer Support

It doesn’t matter where you are or when you contact us; our support team will always be there for you to get you out of any kind of trouble you might face.

In-Hand Opportunity for Website Owners

Your traffic can be turned into money! Just put our banners or marketing material on your website, sit back and enjoy the money being poured into your account.

Take Advantage of Our Long Cookie Duration

If a customer comes from your site to ours, and then comes back to purchase six months later, you get credit.

Where should I start?

Before you start earning money, we strongly recommend you to take a look at our Affiliate FAQ page. You may find some useful information which can help you out through the procedure.

Mobile Apps

VPN in Touch apps

We at VIT have developed applications for iPhone, Android, Windows 8 and Chrome browser.
Our app won wide acclaim from its users. See more.