VPN app for Windows

Windows VPN App

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Security
  • Access blocked websites
  • Protect your privacy
  • Anonymous web browsing

Why do you need VPN for a Windows PC?

Wi-Fi Hotspot Security

Your Windows PC keeps all of your information. Your Windows operating system is synced with your email. It has access to lots of your Windows’ personal data like your photos,emails, calendars, documents and etc. Anytime you use public wifi hotspots, your transmitted data is in danger of being snipped by hackers. By connecting your PC to VPN, all your internet data will be encrypted before communicating with WiFi hotspots. So your Windows internet connection is safe and secure.

Unblock any website

Are some web pages blocked by your government? Or does your school or university prevent you from accessing the whole internet? No one likes being restricted. By connecting your Windows computer to our VPN server, you can browse the web the way you like, without restrictions. Unblock any blocked websites and bypass firewalls on your computer or laptop: Unblock Facebook, Unblock Youtube and Twitter no matter whether you’re at school, at work or in a regions in which they blocked these popular websites.

Anonymous web browsing

Websites and internet services collect various personal information from you while you’re using their services. They know who with what IP address, in which location, using which ISP service has what browsing interest and what he/she uses internet for. This means they know your personality and your common internet activities.
By connecting your Windows PC to VPN you’ll hide your real IP address, so you can surf the web anonymously without the worries of being tracked.

Access to geo restricted websites

You heard about Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer. These popular services are restricted to some regions. So when you’re travelling abroad, or in case you live in another country, you no more have access to their films and TV series.
VPN in Touch solves this problem by allowing you to change your virtual location and convinces these websites that you’re surfing their websites from where it should be!